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Things to do in France

Best Places to visit in France

Here is a list of 9 cities you can visit in France.

  • Paris

Paris is a city and the capital of France, and one of the biggest cities in Europe. Paris is basically known as a city of romance, with lots of historical backgrounds. They have a wide range of cultures ranging from clothing to food, art, and designs. It houses most of the popular fashion brands of today; Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, and so many more. Other places to visit include; Notre dame cathedral, Louvre museum, Disneyland Paris, etc.

  • Nice

Nice was once a regional capital for Rome and still serves its purpose as the path to French Riviera. The beauty of Nice comes from the old architectural designs of the mansions and boulevards. This is why artists find this place alluring for gallery shows. Other things to do in Nice; visit the Musée Marc Chagall, spend time at the Nice carnival, visit the beach bar, take a hike on the coast, and so many more.

  • Dordogne

This place a lot more to offer tourists, from a nice view, rivers, forests, and some of the magical villages like La Roque Gageac, Beynac, etc. You can spend time at the Jardins Suspendus, Bergerac which is known for its vineyard of tomato, grape, hazelnuts, and strawberries. This makes them known for their expertise in wine tasting. You will feel welcome.

  • Mont Saint-Michel

No matter the holiday you are in for, you will be sure to enjoy every bit of this place. This place is packed with many activities to do, from canoeing, kayaking, horse riding, and nature journey. Other times can be spent in water parks, zoos. Here are other places to visit; tour around the Mont Saint-Michel abbey, shop at the les galleries du mont Saint-Michel, spend time at the champrepus zoo, etc.

  • Cannes

This place is the best place to visit especially around may when the annual Cannes film festival has lots of movie stars around. With its closeness to the sea, there are hotels close to the beaches where you can sit to relax. Museums, a market filled with fresh farm produce, park for hiking, and so on.

  • Bordeaux

Like the name says, you will be welcome to visit this city that is tagged as the home of wine. No one needs to tell you of the small wineries located all around. To make this known, a 21st-century architectural site (La Cité du Vin) was designed to let know the importance of wine to the city. Other places to visit are; Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux Wine, Bordeaux Cathedral, etc.

  • Loire Valley

This valley was once a place for kings, queens, nobles, and dukes. Castles and palaces have been established here by them. With halls and banquet halls around, surrounded with vineyards. With the vineyards, the valley is known for its wines; white, rose, sparkling, and red. Apart from the wine, other places of interest include, Blois. Orleans, and many more.

  • Strasbourg

This place has been known to be a point of the war between France and Germany. This helped in forming a city that was built by the Germans with 17th Century hi-tech designs made by the Vauban. Therefore creating a combination of culture from the two, showing in their love for wine and exquisite cuisine. You can also visit the Strasbourg Cathedral, La Petite France, Barrage Vauban, etc.

  • Lyon

After Paris, we have Lyon. Although not many tourist sites are here, we have cultural places that can be dated back to the old Roman times. Alongside its richness in ancient culture, many visitors come here to have a taste of the famous dish of France’s most popular chef, Paul Bocuse who hails from Lyon. Other places to visit; Musee des Beaux-arts, colline de la Croix-Rousse, Abbaye Saint-Martin d’Ainay, etc.

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Visit Australia


Here are 6 places you can visit in Australia:

  • Sydney

What a city to behold. The city is defined by its attractive harbor, which has a history as the landing site for convicts in the 1780s. But today, ferries are known to convey visitors on a cruise around the city, under the popular Sydney Harbour Bridge and to the famous Sydney Opera House. While those places are well known, the city is also filled with lots of museums, cinemas, national parks, beaches, etc. Sydney is no doubt the first place for one to visit in Australia.

  • Melbourne

After Sydney, Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia. It is known for its diversity in culture, it also features lots of theaters, shops, restaurants, and galleries. And as for lovers of sport, Melbourne houses the Australian Open Tennis, the famous Melbourne Cup, AFL, and the known Grand Prix. Lovers of food are not left behind, they have some of the best coffee shops and Queen Victoria Market is filled with lots of fruits, clothes, vegetables, and crafts.

  • Cairns

Even though Cairns isn’t that really attractive, the rainforest and greenish-blue color of the water makes it a place you would want to see. This place is known to be the pathway that leads to the famous Great Barrier Reef; this is why Cairns is always overwhelmed with tourists. Many on their way to the Daintree National Park make a stop at the cairns to have a taste of their restaurants, take a drink at the bar, or visit the shops for shopping.

  • Gold Coast

This is the most famous destination for tourists in Australia. No matter the mood you are in, Gold Coast got you. This place has a lot to offer more than the beach. It is the place for surfers and skydivers. You will be entertained with music, food, and drinks. Other places you can visit on the Gold Coast include; Sea World, Dreamworld, warner bros movie world, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

  • Great Barrier Reef

This is the largest coral reef system on earth, covering over 2,300 kilometers. The reef is clearly visible from space, having about 900 islands all across the ecosystem of the reef. The reef gets about 2 million visitors yearly that come to enjoy the natural serene environment. some of the best ways to enjoy the whole sight are by; scuba diving., kayaking, snorkeling, and boat rides. While touring through the water, you get to see dolphins and sea turtles in their natural habitat.

  • Uluru

Known for its famous red hue; making it one of the famous landmarks in Australia. For this reason, the National park gets lots of visits as a tourist destination. Apart from that, you can get to learn the culture of the Anangu Aboriginal people. Bike rides, walking, and tours can be taken around the whole National park in order to get a better grasp of its beauty.

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Best places to visit in Thailand

Unique Places in Thailand


A sight of this amazing edifice will confirm the reason why tourists troop into Thailand. The Grand Palace stands in the heart of Bangkok and has remained the home of the Kings of Siam since 1782. The architecture is a masterpiece and the expensive artifacts prove that this place is an empire. However, visitors are expected to be properly dressed to be allowed into the palace.


Explore about 30 amazing beaches and catch a glimpse of the amazing sight of fine white sand, nodding palm trees and enjoy exotic cafes, restaurants and bars in Phuket. Among the popular ones are the Patong Beach, Kata Noi, Karon and Kamala. There are some fines destinations that travelers can find very serene and enjoyable such as Banyan Tree Phuket, a place of natural beauty and luxury.


Chiang Mai is a historical city in northern Thailand and has diverse places every tourist must visit such as the Wat Doi Suthep’s central shrine and in it is a small museum. There are so many beautiful things here worth mentioning such as the Night Bazaar where you can shop some fine clothes and scarves and all sorts of house wears. It is an eye-opening experience to behold the beautiful elephants at the Elephant Nature Park.


Would you love to see Thailand’s floating market? Goods here are sold from boats floating on water. A shopping experience here feels great as you get to have a taste of Bangkok’s best local foods, sovernir of different kinds, as wells as tropical fruits that have been locally harvested


Take a chance at visiting this magnificent island that displays the wonders of nature, moneys flying on tree tops, the elephants and the age-long rocks and mountains as well as the Big Buddha


The Chiang Mai Mountain Biking Hiking is extremely fun if you are a lover of hiking and biking. Tourists often find place a suitable place to have stretch a little while enjoying it.

Whatever you intend to do in Thailand, be it vacation, tour or business; you will never be wrong visiting this place. There are great hotels, resorts and affordable vacation rentals here that you will enjoy.

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Best Bed and Breakfast

Classy New England bed and breakfast

Topia inn

If you are big on keeping a tight grasp on the carbon emission of the bed and breakfast you are staying at, then the topia inn is just the location for you. With its own chemical-free bath and solar powered interior, the bed and breakfast is a proof that going green doesn’t mean you must scrape out all comfort.

Stone hill inn

If you are in New England on a trip to rediscover your romance, the perfect bed and breakfast for you is the stone hill inn. The inside is crisp with Jacuzzi, it beats your usual bed and breakfast and the world outside is equally romantic. With acres of rolling hill side, the scenery changes dramatically as the day goes by.

The inn at Kent falls

The inn at Kent falls is listed in the national register of historical places, but it is something out of a classical textbook. This is because it offers modern amenities, you can also customize your experience at the bed and breakfast. From Pilates session or yoga to foliage viewing sessions at the height of the growing season.

Pitcher inn

Visiting Lincoln? One bed and breakfast that you must never miss in Lincoln is the pitcher inn. It is everything you are looking for in a bed and breakfast; cozy rooms, fantastic concierge and stomach-rousing meal. Your breakfast is included as part of the room cost but if you arrive early in the afternoon, you may want to try a local brew or pack up on hamburgers.

Moosehead lake

Moosehead is a summer camping for adults, it is even way better. So if you have ever beaten yourself up over not been there enough for your children during their summer camping, you may want to visit this fantastic bed and breakfast.

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Places to visit in Japan

Places to visit in Japan for the first time


Tokyo is a city that is blessed in all ramifications building a solid myriad of things that continue to attract tourists such as, infrastructure, architectural designs, music, festivals, and sports such as football, baseball, and wrestling etc. You get the kind of treatment that suits the royal ambience that is never felt in other cities. You will find some of the most fancy restaurants and bars where you will be served with some of the most enjoyable meals and drinks.


Located about 40km away from Osaka, Kyoto is a very ancient city having been as Japan’s capital city from 794 to 1868. Here, you can enjoy Kyoto cuisines, some of which are traditional delicacies with amazing taste. Kyoto has developed immensely into a city with high culture, politics as well as craftsmanship. The serene and awesome ambience of Arashiyama Groove makes it a unique tourist attraction; filled with monumental temples, shrines and parks as well as the bamboo forest, it is a site worth visiting. One of the most popular attractions in the whole of Japan is the Kinkaku-ji, a temple built with its top two floors covered with pure gold leaf. The sight of Kiyomizu-dera temple at night is so beautiful. This monumental structure as well pulls millions of tourists who travel Japan year-in-year-out.


Thinking of a visit to Mount Fuji? You are definitely going to have a fun filled time at this sacred mountain which for centuries has become a pilgrimage site. The Mount Fuji can be accessed through several routes but most especially in July and August when the mountain is officially opened.


Osaka has the perfect description of a modern city; at night, this city is a wonder sight with its trendy neon lights and over 75 amusement parks such as the Osaka Castle Park, Tennoji Park and Nakanoshima Park etc. Also situated here, are other attractive tourist sites such as the Universal Studio Japan. How about visiting one of the biggest aquariums in the world? The Kaiyukan Aquarium has a walk through and displays over 470 species of marine life in about 5,400 cubic metres of water. The sight of the manta rays and 2 whale sharks swimming is a very attractive sight to see here at Osaka


This city was briefly the capital of Japan and it might interest you to know that this city has been named World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The beautiful city of Nara is located very close to Osaka and Kyoto hence it might only take a day’s trip to get here. It is famous for its temples and shrines. They include Todaiji Temple, Horyuji Temple, and the beautiful Tanzan shrine etc.

Your next vacation, tour and trip should be to Japan and you are assured to have a splendid experience. You will need and agency that is capable of making you exceptional travel deals at the fastest time possible. We have a solid modus operandi that will ensure you have a joyous experience in Japan.

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Places to visit in Canada

Your ideal Canadian bucket list

Go mountain biking

If you ever travel to Canada, one of the first thing you would want to cross off your bucket list is to go mountain biking. Vancouver is one of the best cities in Canada to visit and a visit is incomplete without going mountain biking. You would want to strap in and really feel the extreme of the windy alps, watch out for polar bears too.

Meet a polar bear in Manitoba

Manitoba may seem like an off-course location when you travel on vacation to Canada, but if you have an uncanny thirst for the out-worldly, Manitoba may be the perfect location for you. As the polar bear capital of the world, the destination will ensure you meet a polar bear at close proximity. You, of course have to be careful.

With Love to Quebec City

 There are only a few cities that beat the surreal feel of Quebec and you will sure love it, which is exactly why you should include it in your Canada tourist attraction. Quebec is really something out of an old French book and you will sure love it.

Enjoy Vancouver Nightlife

If you enjoy being a night crawler, your ideal Canada tourist attraction is Vancouver. Forget the city by day, the night is the real deal; with a number of juicy options to pick from, the pubs will keep you rolling till mummy calls. You sure don’t want to miss out on letting down your guards and enjoying yourself for a few nights.

Stay in the John and Yoko Suite

Vacation in Montreal isn’t complete if you don’t sleep in the Famous suite where John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged their infamous bed-in over five decades ago. Of course, the Fairmont hotel has undergone major renovations but you can still get a hold of that historic suite and sleep in the same bed. Isn’t that surprising?

Take the Titanic trail in Halifax

Ireland was the country that saw the end of the Titanic Voyage, true, but Halifax was also part of the Titanic story. The ill-fated liner rests some one thousand kilometres east of Halifax, you would want to pay your last respect at the Fairview lawn Cemetery or visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. At the museum itself, the famous unknown child’s shoe is still one of the exhibits that may bring tears to your eyes.

Visiting Canada on Vacation can be so much fun as there exists a lot of things to do, which is exactly why you would want to create your bucket list before setting out.  

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Places to Visit in the United States


Here is a list of places we have prepared for you;

  • Grand Canyon National Park

It is located in the southwestern United States, it is a place you must visit. Grand Canyon has been home to many visitors for so many decades. If you wish to experience the greatness of the United States, ensure you plan your trip to this place. It has the Colorado River across the Canyon, making it a place for white-water rifting. You can decide to extend your visit by hiking to the most visited spot which is the south rim of the Grand Canyon. No matter the spot you chose to spend your time here, you are sure to enjoy the sight of high rocks.

  • New York Statue of Liberty

I’m sure we all have come across the Statue of Liberty in movies or videos. The statue was designed by a French sculptor, Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi. It was given as a gift to the United State by France and was erected in the year 1886. It stands at a total height of 93 meters (305ft) including the pedestal. Do you know that you can access the Statue right from the inside? Yes, you can, take the whole 354 steps to the crown of the statue where you can have a better view of the City of New York.

  • Los Angeles Hollywood

Hollywood is packed with different landmarks and cultural icon center of attractions. It is the center for most of the rich movie festivals. Of so many things you can do there, you can decide to go see the name of stars on the walk of fame, take a look at the footprints of your favorite stars at the Chinese Theatre, and who knows, you might run into any of your stars there in Hollywood. Apart from the entertainment part of this place, you can visit stores to get yourself some nice dresses or sit down to dine with your loved ones.

  • Las Vega Strip

Las Vegas is also known as Sin City is a city that houses many side attractions like casinos, hotels, bars, night clubs and so many more like that. The strip is known to house some of the largest hotels, resorts, and casinos in the world. The presence of hotels even makes it easy to tour around the whole strip. Go around the casino to gamble, make some money, and then retire to treat yourself to a nice meal in the hotel.

  • San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

It was once tagged the bridge that couldn’t be built. But today, it stands among the seven wonders of the modern world. It took four years for it to be built, and was opened in the year 1937. The whole bridge is held on by twin towers that are of 746 feet; they were once taller than any skyscraper in San Francisco.

  • Yellowstone National Park

The first national park in America is a site for any lover of nature. Lovers of animals will also be pleased to visit the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, where they learn more about wildlife. Sitting on a dormant volcano, Yellowstone has hot springs and geysers than any other place on earth. Wildlife ranging from herds of buffalo, wolves, and grizzly bears. You can spend hours driving through the park and seeing the wonders that nature has to offer.

  • Washington D.C

The country’s capital has a lot more to offer than you can think of. Some of the popular monuments include the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument where you get to tour around. Other place to visit are the National Arboretum or Rock Creek Park, Smithsonian museums, and District of Columbia’s green spaces. All those walking around can then be rewarded with a meal at any of the restaurants around.

  • Miami Orlando

So many of us have seen Miami only in the movies, the best depiction is the large beaches with ladies in bikinis and all. This is what you get to enjoy when you visit the city of Miami. Housing is not a problem, as you can get places close to the beach for better viewing. Local restaurants are also there to serve you with their different varieties of dishes.

  • San Diego Zoo

Lovers of animals should gather in here. The zoo is located in Balboa Park, San Diego, California. It has more than 3,500 animals of about 650 species and subspecies. The zoo was a pioneer in the idea of an open-air exhibition of animals. This was help recreate the natural habitats of the animals. The zoo provides a tour bus around the place and skyfari that give you access to the aerial view of the zoo.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii

The dream place for most travelers. Honolulu provides the combination of the beach and urban environment, with fine weather all year round. Some of the beaches to visit are the Kailua’s Lanikai Beach and Waikiki Beach. Extend your visit to the Honolulu naval sight that has the Battleship Missouri Memorial and World War II Valor.

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Singapore Vacation

Singapore Trip

Here are some places in Singapore you can visit;

  • Merlion Park

The park has the statue of a mythical figure where the park got its name. The figure has the head of a lion and the body and tail of a fish. This stands for the city start in fishing occupation and the local name which means lion city. This park is a perfect spot for photos, you can also take selfies with the statue.

  • Marina Bay Sands

The bay comprises of a luxurious hotel, a mall, the combination of Artscience museum, and a Skypark (where you can view the whole city). Right from the Skypark, you can also see the double helix bridge, the gardens at the bay, and even have a bite from the restaurants on the Skypark.

  • Singapore Zoo

The zoo is home to a wide range of animals, the place is clean and inviting to various visitors. Unlike some zoos that have starved animals, this zoo has the animals well taken care of with their habitat filled with green vegetables. Animals there include; mole rats, white tigers, zebras, and the likes. Visitors also get to see the animals being fed.

  • Supertree Grove

This place is the perfect explanation for the combination of technology and nature. There are 18 supertrees in the whole garden. We have a skywalk connected to two of the supertrees where visitors can walkabout. Do you know the amazing thing about this place? the entrance is free. The tallest supertree has a bar and restaurant on top where you can cool off after your tour.

  • Sentosa Island

Singapore is not a destination for those seeking the beach sensation, but if you really are looking for a place that gives one, then Sentosa island is the best place for you. Visitors can play volleyball on the courts. Other side attractions there include; the underwater aquarium, skimboarding and kayaking.

  • Universal Studio Singapore

Sitting on 49 acres of land, the studio is built with each area paying homage to a particular film, TV show, or location. Some of the locations there are Hollywood, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, and new York city. Some fictional movie theme areas include sci-fi city, Shrek, and the lost world. The park also has on it, rides of different kinds, from that of kids to adults. After all the fun, you can then find among the various shops, and diners there a place to relax and enjoy the show that might be on.

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Are hotels open

Yes, hotels are considered essential and most are open now. Some accommodations, however, have either closed partially or closed entirely for varying amounts of time.

Can you get the coronavirus from people who were in hotel rooms previous to you?

Hotels and other accommodations should have procedures for cleaning, disinfecting and ventilating the room properly between every guest’s stay. These processes allow the accommodations to be used immediately afterwards. If these procedures are followed, there is no need to leave the room empty between guests.

What to do to minimize the risk of COVID-19 while staying at a hotel?

• Minimize use of areas that may lead to close contact (within 6 feet) with other people as much as possible.
• Consider taking the stairs. Otherwise wait to use the elevator until you can either ride alone or only with people from your household.

Which hotels allow dogs?

Pet friendly hotel chains that are dog-friendly:
·        Choice Hotels – Comfort Inn and Suites, Quality Inn, Roadway Inn, and more
·        Red Roof Inn
·        Motel 6
·        Days Inn
·        Marriott
·        Travel Lodge
·        La Quinta Inns & Suites
·       Candlewood Suites
·        IHG – Holiday Inn, InterContinental, and more
·        Novotel
·        Extended Stay America

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Airlines Add More Flights and New Routes

Airlines will add dozens of flights as leisure travel picks up

Looking for a nonstop flight between Appleton, Wis., and Savannah, Ga.? It’ll soon be available. Or how about Austin, Texas, to Nashville, Tenn.? Louisville, Ky., to Los Angeles? Or from just about anywhere to Bozeman, Mont.?

Those are some of the new, unconventional domestic routes that airlines are now offering as they try to capitalize on the huge pent-up demand for leisure travel and inch back toward profitability while waiting for business travel to bounce back.

For the bigger airlines, especially American, Delta and United, earning the loyalty of business travelers was like capturing the holy grail, as these road warriors who would fly tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of miles a year often booked at the last minute and would pay higher fares. But with many business conferences and meetings taking place over Zoom and many corporate travel restrictions still in place, very few of them have returned to flying.

Instead, those who are flying now are more likely to be like Gabe Holmes, who seems almost giddy to be traveling again, while checking in with his family at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

“Yeah, heading to Florida! We are very excited! Absolutely! Looking forward to it,” Holmes said.

The 43-year-old from Grand Rapids, Mich., said life during the coronavirus pandemic has been a real struggle, but now that he’s vaccinated, “I’ve been itching to get out,” he said. “I’ve been cooped up, work, home, so, yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

As more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19, leisure travel is starting to take off. The Transportation Security Administration says it screened more than 1.6 million people at airport security checkpoints on May 2. That’s the highest number of air travelers since early March of last year, when the pandemic began. Only 170,000 people went through TSA checkpoints nationwide on the first Sunday in May 2020.

Shyla Harris of Hammond, Ind., is another traveler who could hardly contain her glee to be flying again for the first time in a long time.

“I’m going to Las Vegas. This is my first time,” the 21-year-old said before going through security at O’Hare.

“I’m ready! Going to get drunk! Going to get tattooed! I’m just ready,” she said, before adding, “I don’t even know what I’m going to get tatted yet, but I’m going to get something!”

Humberto Rodriguez of Chicago is also eager to fly again.

“I’m headed to Orlando. I’m going to take my kids to Disney, stuff like that, and do some sightseeing, you know,” he said, with his wife, a 4-year-old and a baby in tow.

Rodriguez said he hasn’t traveled in over a year, “so it’s time to take a vacation. Due to COVID, you know, we couldn’t really do nothing during the year, so it’ll be a good chance to go now and enjoy ourselves.”

“The book has been rewritten since COVID,” says Will Livsey, a data analyst with the aviation analytics company Cirium, which tracks airline flight schedules and routes, among other data.

“We have history on how things were done for many, many years, but now you throw in a pandemic and you’re literally rewriting the book now,” Livsey says. “Airlines are trying new things, new experiments, if you will, of putting planes where they think they’ll make the most amount of money.”

Here are some examples of how airlines are seeking to capitalize on the surge in leisure travel and travelers’ new market demands:

Allegiant Air is starting nonstop service from Des Moines, Iowa, to Houston, San Diego and Portland, Ore.

JetBlue will start flying from Boston to Kansas City, Milwaukee and Asheville, N.C., and it has formed a new partnership with American Airlines, which is also adding flights to destinations in the Northeast.

Spirit Airlines is going into new airports too, starting service from both Milwaukee and Louisville to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Orlando, Fla.

And Livsey says all the airlines are beefing up service to airports near national parks, especially out West.

“The Montanans, the Dakotas of the world,” Livsey says, adding, “Who would’ve seen that coming?”

“The airlines have been really nimble, and we’ve seen them respond pretty quickly to the types of routes and the types of trips that travelers are demanding,” says Melanie Lieberman, senior travel editor at The Points Guy travel and lifestyle website, which recently published a survey showing that half of U.S. adults are planning to take at least one vacation this summer and that many travelers will prefer to visit more wide-open spaces.

“So, with the decrease in business travel and even the lag in people returning to cities, we’ve seen the airlines double down on these gateways to national and state parks, destinations that offer a lot more outdoor recreation,” she says. “I think that’s a real indication of what people want right now and the airlines moving to respond to that very quickly.”

After losing billions of dollars last year, the airlines are hoping their moves into smaller, secondary markets and serving national parks will help them claw their way back to profitability while they wait for the more lucrative business and international travelers to return.

United Airlines, for example, will add nearly 500 daily domestic flights this summer, including new routes to vacation destinations such as Yellowstone National Park and Kona, Hawaii. American, Delta and Southwest are adding more flights and are creating new routes this summer too, as are JetBlue, Alaska, Hawaiian and discount carriers such as Allegiant, Frontier, Spirit and Sun Country.

“I think everybody is very bullish on domestic opportunities,” said Cirium’s Livsey. “The airlines are way more eager to be risk tolerant for trying new routes like this than they would pre-pandemic. We’re definitely seeing a lot of change.”

But it will take time for people to return to travel in the way that they used to before the pandemic, according to Lieberman, of The Points Guy.

“I think we’re going to see that preference for wide open spaces really stick around,” Lieberman said. “And airlines are responding to that by flying more often, more frequently, adding gateways to national parks. That strategy makes a lot of sense.”

For those who have not flown in quite a while, a few words of caution.

Those rock-bottom fares that airlines were offering last year when no one was flying are starting to disappear as flights to domestic destinations fill up fast.

“You can definitely find deals, but you have to be incredibly patient, and you have to be very flexible. There’s so much demand for a lot of the same types of trips,” says Lieberman, who says travelers might have more luck finding bargains in trips to cities such as Chicago, New Orleans, St. Louis, Philadelphia or Memphis, Tenn., than to Acadia, Glacier, Yellowstone or Zion national parks.

Planes are mostly full now, and Delta, the last airline to block out middle seats, no longer does so.

The Federal Aviation Administration is warning of an increase in disruptive passenger behavior, often involving people refusing to wear masks. The agency says there will be no tolerance of such unruly behavior and announced Wednesday that it is proposing fines of $9,000 to $32,750 against four passengers for recent incidents. The TSA announced last week that masks will continue to be mandatory on commercial airline flights and in airports until at least Sept. 13.

Rental cars are in short supply in many markets across the U.S. and are expected to be quite expensive this summer as a result.

The pandemic has also created a shortage of workers in many resort towns and vacation destinations this summer, and a lack of staff could lead to longer waits at restaurants and some limitations in services. Regardless, with many Americans not taking vacations at all over the last year or staying relatively close to home, it’s expected to be a fairly busy summer as many U.S. vacation destinations. – NPR