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There’s a lot to do before you can fasten your seatbelt and indulge in mid-air services. Why not simplify the most grueling part of your travel with Ibis Connect? Jump-start your flight search for business trips, holidays, or cultural retreats, and pay less in airfare by booking directly!

Cheap airline tickets do not necessarily imply frustration-mounting delays, cramped seats, and nightmares at 30,000 feet. It’s all about timing that lets you save a bundle while you can still travel with the world’s best airlines. With the right strategy in place, you can secure tickets at amazingly reduced prices, whether it is a domestic flight or international flight.

In a hurry? You can also use our flight finder for spontaneous trips. Compare what Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Iberia Airways have to offer and book the best seats for worldwide destinations.

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Air ticket booking made easy

Ibis Connect is your responsive flight planning companion. Go to our search system, pick the dates, and enjoy a guided experience from takeoff to touchdown:

  • Global travel. Are you pumped to visit your friend in a bustling metropolis? Traveling to a tranquil beachfront resort with kids? Ibis Connect travel connects you to the world’s most captivating locations in one airfare search system.
  • Business trips. If you are a jet-setting professional, you know your way around airfare. But your air mile bonuses may not always reach the most budget-friendly potential. That’s when shopping on our platform can help you snatch more affordable tickets.

Navigate through airlines, seats, and additional services, and enjoy more time to plan your adventure. The best part? Your journey is unique, and we won’t put a lid on that. Pull off your flight search with Ibis Connect travel and receive personalized recommendations, travel tips, and real-time updates to incorporate into your flight planning.

Complete travel planning platform

Taking you to the skies is only part of Ibis Connect. While our platform is focused on plane ticket booking, it doesn’t hurt to get a full picture of your getaway by exploring all your options for:

  • Hotel room booking. Scroll through cozy accommodations through our affiliated partners to turn every trip into a memorable experience, from landing to being pampered with 5-star amenities. Compare the most ‘comfortable’ deals and snap up the best price for your room.
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  • Vacation packages. Why stop at airline tickets and B&B services? No matter where you go, you can book a vacation package that will take care of your transportation, leisure time, meals, and accommodation. There’s no point in shelling out for multiple services when you can get affordable bundles and have a blast.
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Traveling and saving are no longer mutually exclusive. Shop for things to do, see, and experience, not airfare and airline service fees. We are happy to turn timing to your advantage when handling bookings and arrange your trip with fewer financial headaches.

Ibis Connect travel is more than just a flight finder. We are your all-in-one travel planning solution. See you aboard!

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