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Hotel Reservations… 

You sure do need the best hotel after the long journey. Ibis Connect Hotel search will find you the hotel that suits your tastes and gives you the best of service you can desire. We have got you covered! At the lowest prices at the best of quality – meeting your expectations! 

Flight bookings 

Whatever kind of trip you are embarking on, there’s a flight for you. Take advantage of our flight rates with a guarantee of the swift booking process, no stories at all. You’ll be amazed at the reservation offers and quality service irrespective of the time of booking. Ibis Connect prepared you for the best flight deals.

Destination Weddings 

The coronavirus has forced couples to reschedule or plan quarantine-approved celebrations. Experts share some how-to tips for navigating alternative plans. Organizing a wedding under normal circumstances can be stressful — now throw in a global pandemic and it’s near maddening. As couples look to safely solidify their union, some are planning intimate ceremonies at home, while others are pushing back their original wedding dates to the following year. 

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