Visit Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad, Tobago, Pigeon Point Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago

Visit Trinidad and Tobago

Visit Trinidad and Tobago for things to do, tours, culture, attractions, places to stay and more. Trinidad and Tobago have a uniquely diverse culture and is one of the only countries in the Caribbean that have industrial and leisure destinations. TRANSPORTATION: Airports:  Piarco International Airport, Trinidad (POS), 17 miles from[…]

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Bahamas, top things to see in the Bahamas

Top Places to see in the Bahamas

Find top places to see in the Bahamas on Ibis Connect. Visit Grand Bahama, Elbow Cay, Pirate Museum, Paradise Island, and Andros. Approximately 700 islands, spread over nearly 100,000 square miles of ocean, constitute The Bahamas. The term Out Islands (or Family Islands) refer to all the islands except New[…]

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Things to see in Singapore

Singapore Tourist Attractions Below is a list of Things to see in Singapore. Merlion Park The park has the statue of a mythical figure where the park got its name. The figure has the head of a lion and the body and tail of a fish. This stands for the[…]

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Places to go in Australia

Places to visit in Sydney Here are top 6 places to visit in Australia: Places to visit in Sydney What a city to behold. The city is defined by its attractive harbor, which has a history as the landing site for convicts in the 1780s. But today, ferries are known[…]

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Orlando Magic Kingdom, fun free things to do in Orlando

Fun Free Things to do in Orlando

Visit Orlando Ibis Connect offers fun free things to do in Orlando. If you’ve never been to Orlando in your lifetime, trust us, you need to get there. After all, the best way to find out if a city is worth visiting is by spending some time there. Besides, when[…]

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Thailand, Eager to travel? Here are the top 22 global hot spots with ‘cheap’ airfares for 2022

Thailand tourist spots

Places to visit in Thailand THE GRAND PALACE A sight of this amazing edifice will confirm the reason why tourists troop into Thailand. The Grand Palace stands in the heart of Bangkok and has remained the home of the Kings of Siam since 1782. The architecture is a masterpiece and[…]

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Safest places to stay in Atlanta, things to do in Atlanta, Atlanta Downtown, Atlanta midtown, Atlanta, and Atlanta Georgia, vacation rentals.

Safest Place to Stay in Atlanta

Best area to stay in Atlanta Ibis Connect offers the safest place to stay in Atlanta. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a trip to Atlanta, the Peach State capital will leave your head spinning with excitement and wonderment of its many hidden treasures. From the iconic attractions[…]

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Resort, Barbados resorts, Moon Palace Cancun, Moon Palace Cancun all inclusive with flight, hotels Costa Rica, things to do, vacations, cheap resorts, and top resorts in San Pedro Belize.

Places to visit in Dominica

Visit Dominica The island gained independence as a republic in 1978. Dominica has been nicknamed the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” for its natural environment. In 2005, rugged, jungle-filled Dominica became the first nation to be certified by Green Globe 21 for sustainable development. Nature-oriented visitors appreciate Dominica’s rich culture[…]

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Boston, Boston Public Garden, Boston MA, things to see in Boston

Things to see in Boston

Boston tourist attractions Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and one of the oldest cities in America. The city attracts millions of visitors every year thanks to its vibrant culture, scenic views, and variety of attractions. From historic landmarks to world-class cuisine, Boston has something for everyone. Below, we offer[…]

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Best Places to visit in Japan

Best places to visit in Japan for first timers Best places to visit in Tokyo Tokyo is a city that is blessed in all ramifications building a solid myriad of things that continue to attract tourists such as, infrastructure, architectural designs, music, festivals, and sports such as football, baseball, and[…]

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Resort, Barbados resorts, Moon Palace Cancun, Moon Palace Cancun all inclusive with flight, hotels Costa Rica, things to do, vacations, cheap resorts, and top resorts in San Pedro Belize.

Best Places to Stay in Grenada

Grenada resorts all inclusive Grenada is a Caribbean country comprising a main island, also called Grenada, and smaller surrounding islands. Resorts in Spics Island Grenada includes Grand Anse Beach, and Magazine Beach area. Ibis Connect offers the best places to stay in Granada. INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Airport: Point Salines International Airport.[…]

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