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About Us

About US, Ibis Connect is an online travel provider in business for more than 10 years. Book airline tickets, cheap motels near me, bed and breakfast, resorts, and things to do.

We’re set to make your adventure thrilling! Get ready for a memorable journey. Reserve your spot now! 

We desire to see you have a unique traveling experience at an affordable rate. It can only get more comfortable with the variety of options and services you find on this platform. From finding hotels, flight bookings, exciting cruises, best holiday packages, to looking up beautiful tour sites, bed and breakfast, resorts, you’re never going to miss out on any! 

Get a Room Reservations 

You sure do need your comfort after the long journey. Let us find you the hotel that suits your tastes and gives you the best of service you can desire. Whatever your style of relaxation, we’ve got you covered! At the lowest prices and at the best of quality – meeting your expectations! 

Airline tickets 

Whatever kind of trip you are embarking on, there’s an airline ticket for you. Take advantage of our cheap flights rates with a guarantee of the swift booking process, no stories at all. You’ll be amazed at the reservation offers and quality service irrespective of the time of booking.

Vacation Packages 

No matter the length of your vacation, it’s a time to be enjoyed to the fullest with awesome memories. Lookup for well-researched vacation packages, sift through the cruise packages fit for the time or season. Don’t forget; it’s with your budget in consideration. How memorable do you want your vacation to be? We’re at your service!¬†

Bed and breakfast 

It isn’t complete without a bed and breakfast plan. You wouldn’t want to be your caterer amid the fun or business deals. You even need a taste of your host country’s dish and hospitality. There’s no need to doubt. It keeps you safe from peculiarities of culture and location. 


What’s a vacation without a visit to the resorts in your location? You wouldn’t want to miss a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature, get acquainted with your host country. More so, this gives you an exciting story to share with your friends through words or pictures. It’s always said, “You learn your first language at the resort.” There’s a lot more if you try! 

Things to do

Maybe yours is not all fun but with quite some jobs to be done. Your trip will never be less of your plan because we’re here to get your tasks done.

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