Visit Australia


Here are 6 places you can visit in Australia:

  • Sydney

What a city to behold. The city is defined by its attractive harbor, which has a history as the landing site for convicts in the 1780s. But today, ferries are known to convey visitors on a cruise around the city, under the popular Sydney Harbour Bridge and to the famous Sydney Opera House. While those places are well known, the city is also filled with lots of museums, cinemas, national parks, beaches, etc. Sydney is no doubt the first place for one to visit in Australia.

  • Melbourne

After Sydney, Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia. It is known for its diversity in culture, it also features lots of theaters, shops, restaurants, and galleries. And as for lovers of sport, Melbourne houses the Australian Open Tennis, the famous Melbourne Cup, AFL, and the known Grand Prix. Lovers of food are not left behind, they have some of the best coffee shops and Queen Victoria Market is filled with lots of fruits, clothes, vegetables, and crafts.

  • Cairns

Even though Cairns isn’t that really attractive, the rainforest and greenish-blue color of the water makes it a place you would want to see. This place is known to be the pathway that leads to the famous Great Barrier Reef; this is why Cairns is always overwhelmed with tourists. Many on their way to the Daintree National Park make a stop at the cairns to have a taste of their restaurants, take a drink at the bar, or visit the shops for shopping.

  • Gold Coast

This is the most famous destination for tourists in Australia. No matter the mood you are in, Gold Coast got you. This place has a lot to offer more than the beach. It is the place for surfers and skydivers. You will be entertained with music, food, and drinks. Other places you can visit on the Gold Coast include; Sea World, Dreamworld, warner bros movie world, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

  • Great Barrier Reef

This is the largest coral reef system on earth, covering over 2,300 kilometers. The reef is clearly visible from space, having about 900 islands all across the ecosystem of the reef. The reef gets about 2 million visitors yearly that come to enjoy the natural serene environment. some of the best ways to enjoy the whole sight are by; scuba diving., kayaking, snorkeling, and boat rides. While touring through the water, you get to see dolphins and sea turtles in their natural habitat.

  • Uluru

Known for its famous red hue; making it one of the famous landmarks in Australia. For this reason, the National park gets lots of visits as a tourist destination. Apart from that, you can get to learn the culture of the Anangu Aboriginal people. Bike rides, walking, and tours can be taken around the whole National park in order to get a better grasp of its beauty.

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