Vietnam places to visit

Vietnam is a wonderful country – a place tourists and visitors would always find interesting because of its alluring beauty and numerous opportunities. Situated in-between South China and the Laos and Cambodia borders, the beautiful country’s lush rice terraces, picturesque valleys of the Central Highlands, beautiful beaches and forested mountains, makes it one of the hottest spots and most attractive places in the world. There is no end to the euphoria when you explore the unique variety of food, hotels, wares and culture; it will definitely be an unforgettable experience. If you travel Vietnam, your experience is never complete until you visit some of these places in Vietnam.


This beautiful natural wonder, the Ha Long Bay is amazingly amongst UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and is situated in the Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam, near the Chinese border. At this magnificent bay, you have the rare view of thousands of limestone karsts and isles which occupies an area of around 1,553 km2. On a bus drive, the Ha Long Bay is only about 3 hours away from the Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. The Titop Island has one of the best view points with about 400 steps; you can hike to catch a glimpse of the Ha Long Bay.


Getting to the amazing mountain gets more interesting with various boats available to take you there. There are luxury cruises as well with rooms, bathrooms and facilities that can make your experience very relaxing.


At the Ha Long Bay, the caves are hollow and underneath are hundreds of these caves wide enough that tourists and visitors can even walk around. Not only does the Ha Long Bay surprise you with its magnificent features, you will be amazed at the Dau Go Cave which is just beneath the mountain. It is the largest and most beautiful cave in the Bo Hon Island. The scenery is mind-blowing with its spectacular beauty and by vote the cave is selected as one of the most beautiful caves.


With a population of over 7 million, the beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh prides itself as one of the financial hubs of Vietnam and attracts millions of tourists. You will find thousands of luxury hotels, resorts and vacation rentals. Referred to as Saigon by the locals, It has a fascinating French-like architecture, sleek skyscrapers, temples and a lovable culture. You will find lots of rooftop bars, fantastic restaurants that offer a variety of Vietnamese cuisines, Chinese and French courses. The good thing is, you don’t have to break the bank to have all the fun in this beautiful city.


Over 500, 000 tourists visit this unique place yearly to catch a glimpse on the 40-year history of the War between the Vietnamese and the Americans. The War Remnants Museum was opened to the public in 1975 in Ho Chi Minh City and exposes the shocking story of the brutality of the Vietnam War and the long walk to freedom. There are graphic photographs, bombs, and American military equipment displayed in the Museum which were used during the war between 1945 and 1975.


The Bach Ma temple is cited as one of the oldest temples in Hanoi City dating back to over one thousand years. The temples was built by the Emperor Ly Thai in the 11th century, and has a fascinating architecture and interior décor that portrays Vietnamese’ old fairy tales. Tourists enjoy studying and researching the history of Thanj Long-Hanoi at the Bach Ma Temple which has lots of valuable resources and relics such as altars, statues, shrines and stone Steelers.


The Dong Xuan Market is one of the oldest most popular traditional markets in Hanoi. Built in 1889, the building has become a cultural symbol for the Vietnamese, although it has undergone several renovations. Situated in the northern edge of Hanoi, the market which attracts thousands of shoppers who can find almost about anything they desire such as various Vietnamese dishes, foodstuffs, fresh vegetables, electronics, souvenirs, clothing and accessories.

You can explore some of the lovely beaches in Vietnam on your next visit such as the Long Beach, Phu Quoc, Star Beach, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang Beach, Nha Trang, Doc Let Beach, Hon Khoi Peninsula, Danang Beach, Da Nang, An Bang Beach, Hoi An etc. Pack your bags, Vietnam is the place to be.