Travel to Italy

Based on years of histories read, movies are seen, and tales listened to, Europe has become a destination for most of the couples, either for a honeymoon, a getaway packages, and family holiday. Many have had it in mind to visit Europe, and they wish this dream of theirs will turn to reality soon. If you are one of them, and you desire to experience the love and enjoyment Europe has to offer.

  • ROME

The city has its story based on Christianity and history, it was once a city that had its empire all across the whole of Europe. Imagine the power it had then, which means it is a place with so many heritage. It is not even possible to view the whole side attractions in a day or month. Here are some of them; National Roman Museum, Piazza del Popolo, Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican Museums, and many more.


Filled with so many side attractions with the idea of nowhere to start from. Maybe you can start from the most popular church, St. Mark’s Basilica, move to the largest square, which is the St. Mark’s Square. Other places include; Canale Grande and Peggy Guggenheim Collection amongst many other monumental points.