The best places to visit in India

Visiting India can be a very smart choice to make, as a melting point of several culture and religion. Visiting India is to have a feel of Asia in one single place, and there are a lot of places to visit; from resorts to world famous landmarks, you can also try out several cuisines. Where are the best places to visit in India, how do you get there?

The beaches of Goa

The first port of call when visiting India should be the beaches of Goa; Young and energetic, the beaches of Goa is the party of the city. You can also find some respite if you visit some of the beach resorts.  If your hotel is in the capital, you can catch a flight straight to Goa. If you would want to make a grand entrance, you can consider a ferry service to Panaji and then take the rest of the trip on a private yacht. What do you say to that?

The Taj Mahal

Agra is home to one of the seven wonders of the world; the Taj Mahal. The stunning edifice sees a massive number of tourists on a daily basis.  While the resort might be quite crowdy, you can still enjoy the feel of the Taj. There are hotels in Agra that cater for the tourists and the Kheria airport is only a few kilometres from the city, making sure you can get flights at any time.


The spiritual capital of India is such a calm place to be at. While you might not get the five star hotel accommodation you deserve close to any of the Ghats, the solitude and the feeling of resorts that the city has can sure assuage you. From visiting temples to the cremation sites of several Hidus, the city of Varanasi can offer you a lot of time for introspection. Ensure you take a boat ride along the calm banks while you are there. There are regular direct flights to Delhi and Mumbai from the airport in the city.

Fort Amber

Visiting Fort Amber in Jaipur used to be an exclusive reserve for royals; as the royal palace, the king lived there with his wives and concubines. Today, fort Amber is a resort and you can even take elephant ride while you are there. You can also go see the Jaigarh fort which was built to protect fort amber. Getting flights into Jaipur is no problems and the city has an abundance of Hotels that you can check into.

Hauz Khas Village

A mixture of affluence and history, the Hauz Khas village in South Delhi is well known for its remnant of Islamic architecture and a charm that beats words. With bars, cafes and a nightlife that is boundless, Hauz Klaus is aesthetic and a destination for those who love the swing of life. You can easily ride into the village directly from the airport. Pack your bags, India is the place to be.