Things to see in Singapore

Singapore Tourist Attractions

Below is a list of Things to see in Singapore.

  • Merlion Park

The park has the statue of a mythical figure where the park got its name. The figure has the head of a lion and the body and tail of a fish. This stands for the city start in fishing occupation and the local name which means lion city. This park is a perfect spot for photos, you can also take selfies with the statue.

  • Marina Bay Sands

The bay comprises of a luxurious hotel, a mall, the combination of Artscience museum, and a Skypark (where you can view the whole city). Right from the Skypark, you can also see the double helix bridge, the gardens at the bay, and even have a bite from the restaurants on the Skypark.

  • Singapore Zoo

The zoo is home to a wide range of animals, the place is clean and inviting to various visitors. Unlike some zoos that have starved animals, this zoo has the animals well taken care of with their habitat filled with green vegetables. Animals there include; mole rats, white tigers, zebras, and the likes. Visitors also get to see the animals being fed.

  • Supertree Grove

This place is the perfect explanation for the combination of technology and nature. There are 18 supertrees in the whole garden. We have a skywalk connected to two of the supertrees where visitors can walkabout. Do you know the amazing thing about this place? the entrance is free. The tallest supertree has a bar and restaurant on top where you can cool off after your tour.

  • Sentosa Island

Singapore is not a destination for those seeking the beach sensation, but if you really are looking for a place that gives one, then Sentosa island is the best place for you. Visitors can play volleyball on the courts. Other side attractions there include; the underwater aquarium, skimboarding and kayaking.

  • Universal Studio Singapore

Sitting on 49 acres of land, the studio is built with each area paying homage to a particular film, TV show, or location. Some of the locations there are Hollywood, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, and new York city. Some fictional movie theme areas include sci-fi city, Shrek, and the lost world. The park also has on it, rides of different kinds, from that of kids to adults. After all the fun, you can then find among the various shops, and diners there a place to relax and enjoy the show that might be on. Find things to see in Singapore.

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