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Things to do in Brazil

Visiting the largest country in South America can be handful if you don’t have a prior idea of where you should go to in the country. That is why you should know the best spots to visit in the nation that covers over half of the entire South American continent. The vast stretch that is Brazil covers a lot of interesting places, from the Amazon forest to the fancy beaches scattered all over the country. Where are you supposed to visit in Brazil?

Christ the redeemer

With an outstretched arm measuring a vast 28 meters, the colossal art Deco statue of Christ referred to as Christ the redeemer stands at 709 meters from the summit of the Corcovado. The statue overlooks the former national capital and the view is simply breath taking.

Sugarloaf Mountain

If the Christ the redeemer statue doesn’t just do it for you, the Sugarloaf Mountain may be the next place to visit. The rounded rock peak is easily standing out from a distance; rising 394 meters above the beaches and the bustling city of Rio, tourists can take a cable car to enjoy the thrilling feel that comes with seeing the whole of the city while staying above it.


Heading to downtown Rio is an exciting experience, the elegantly planned Copacabana is a beautiful sight to behold. A wide expanse of beach, buildings and a broad pavement paved in black and white mosaic that is reminiscent of the streets of Lisbon; another of Brazil pointer to its colonial days. You can easily have all the fun you need at the beach and visit other attractions like the famed Copacabana palace.   


The sharp rocky peak is home to the Christ the redeemer statue; overlooking the city of Rio, the mount is named after its hunchback shape. With the peak accessible by road and cog rail, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take the trip.


The neighbourhood of Rio became widely popular after the release of the song the girl from Ipanema. The beach gained international acclaim following the release of the same song; known for its elegant development and the social life it exudes, the beach is a beehive of activities.

Cathedral of Brasilia

Everywhere may look like something else but not a church, right? You will be very wrong if you bring this mindset to the cathedral of Brasilia, it looks nothing like a church. The design makes it look more like an Indian tepee than a church. There is nothing traditional about this awe-inspiring cathedral.

Peluorinho, Salvador

As the historic centre of Salvador, Peluorinho served as the first colonial capital of Brazil and is one of the oldest cities in the Americas. Visiting the old town is a lesson into the history of Brazil and an existing view of the future.

Visiting Brazil can be such a wonderful experience, there are so many things to do and you will definitely love it. Why not visit brazil today?