Safest Place to Stay in Atlanta

Best area to stay in Atlanta

Ibis Connect offers the safest place to stay in Atlanta. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a trip to Atlanta, the Peach State capital will leave your head spinning with excitement and wonderment of its many hidden treasures. From the iconic attractions of its world-class museums and botanical gardens to the laid-back charm of its eclectic downtown districts, Atlanta is truly a place where anyone can feel at home. Including the best area to stay in Atlanta for families.

And that’s the catch: although everyone can find a reason to visit Atlanta, it’s impossible to name just one reason for doing so. Obviously, several things must be on your bucket list whether you are traveling with friends, family, or even if you’re traveling solo. In the same vein, let’s break it down to 4 reasons why you would love to visit Georgia’s Capital.

#1 – The Atlanta Botanical Garden

Known to the locals as “Georgia’s Garden,” this is an oasis of lush greenery — courtesy of a wide variety of local flora. Besides that, the garden houses a veritable collection of artifacts (sculptures, water features, works of Dale Chihuly) and displays on native plants from around the world. Most importantly, the garden is segmented into Children’s Garden, Storza Woods, Skyline Garden alongside a long stretch of outdoor gardens enough to accommodate every visitor’s interests.

#2 – The World of Coke

While an unofficial museum is certainly a must-visit if you have a penchant for some of the best contemporary art, there isn’t anything better than relishing the history of a 125-year-old drink (Not just a soda here!). In this museum that houses a wide assortment of Coca-Cola memorabilia, you can embark on a trip down memory lane as well as learn a thing or two about how the iconic drink came into being. As it turns, a host of corporate events, too, take place within this unique space. 

#3 – Zoo Atlanta

Home to giant pandas, African elephants, lowland gorillas, reptiles, and whatnot, Zoo Atlanta houses 220+ species — all bred in their natural emulated habitats. That said, parents with kids will surely appreciate this Zoo’s interactive exhibits that don’t just make the trip exciting but educational too.

#4 – A Fine Array of Posh Hotels

Atlanta is known for its hotels that have been meticulously designed with every detail in mind. From the standard amenities to something as luxurious as an array of spa treatments, you won’t find any stone unturned when it comes to making sure you are pampered 24×7. Ibis Connect offers the safest place to stay in Atlanta. Including the best place to stay in Atlanta for couples, and beat area to stay in Atlanta 2021.

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Rating the Ease of Travel – The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport is a hub to over 150 destinations within the States and is ranked #1 in the United States. As such, you can get various airlines flying to and from Atlanta at prices that would make you smile. 

With all these facets intact, no wonder the city is a perennial favorite with travelers from all walks of life. That said, it remains one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide.

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