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Safety and security are paramount when choosing a motel for your stay. It’s essential to feel secure and protected, especially when you’re away from home. Here are some key safety measures that reputable motels implement to ensure a safe environment for their guests:
1. Well-lit premises: A well-lit motel premises can deter potential criminals and make guests feel safer. Make sure to choose a motel that invests in proper lighting throughout its property, including parking areas and common spaces.
2. Secure access: Motels should have secure access measures in place, such as keycards or codes, to ensure that only guests and authorized personnel can enter the premises. This provides an extra layer of security and prevents unauthorized individuals from gaining access to guest rooms.
3. Surveillance cameras: Surveillance cameras are an important security feature. They help monitor the premises and deter potential criminal activities. Look for motels that have visible cameras installed in common areas and parking lots.
4. Emergency procedures: Reputable motels have well-defined emergency procedures in place. This includes fire safety measures, evacuation plans, and clear instructions for guests to follow in case of an emergency. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures upon check-in.

5. Adequate staff presence: A visible and attentive staff presence can contribute to a sense of safety. Staff members should be trained to handle any security-related situations and be available to assist guests when needed.
When researching motels, take the time to read customer reviews and check if safety and security are mentioned positively by previous guests.

Additionally, consider the motel’s location and proximity to local emergency services, as this can also impact your overall safety.

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