Places to visit in Japan

Places to visit in Japan for the first time


Tokyo is a city that is blessed in all ramifications building a solid myriad of things that continue to attract tourists such as, infrastructure, architectural designs, music, festivals, and sports such as football, baseball, and wrestling etc. You get the kind of treatment that suits the royal ambience that is never felt in other cities. You will find some of the most fancy restaurants and bars where you will be served with some of the most enjoyable meals and drinks.


Located about 40km away from Osaka, Kyoto is a very ancient city having been as Japan’s capital city from 794 to 1868. Here, you can enjoy Kyoto cuisines, some of which are traditional delicacies with amazing taste. Kyoto has developed immensely into a city with high culture, politics as well as craftsmanship. The serene and awesome ambience of Arashiyama Groove makes it a unique tourist attraction; filled with monumental temples, shrines and parks as well as the bamboo forest, it is a site worth visiting. One of the most popular attractions in the whole of Japan is the Kinkaku-ji, a temple built with its top two floors covered with pure gold leaf. The sight of Kiyomizu-dera temple at night is so beautiful. This monumental structure as well pulls millions of tourists who travel Japan year-in-year-out.


Thinking of a visit to Mount Fuji? You are definitely going to have a fun filled time at this sacred mountain which for centuries has become a pilgrimage site. The Mount Fuji can be accessed through several routes but most especially in July and August when the mountain is officially opened.


Osaka has the perfect description of a modern city; at night, this city is a wonder sight with its trendy neon lights and over 75 amusement parks such as the Osaka Castle Park, Tennoji Park and Nakanoshima Park etc. Also situated here, are other attractive tourist sites such as the Universal Studio Japan. How about visiting one of the biggest aquariums in the world? The Kaiyukan Aquarium has a walk through and displays over 470 species of marine life in about 5,400 cubic metres of water. The sight of the manta rays and 2 whale sharks swimming is a very attractive sight to see here at Osaka


This city was briefly the capital of Japan and it might interest you to know that this city has been named World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The beautiful city of Nara is located very close to Osaka and Kyoto hence it might only take a day’s trip to get here. It is famous for its temples and shrines. They include Todaiji Temple, Horyuji Temple, and the beautiful Tanzan shrine etc.

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