Visiting New York City? — Don’t Forget to do These 4 Things

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With a thriving art scene, amazing culture, and stunning views, NYC is a place you must visit at least once in your lifetime. But with such an unbelievable draw and so many people going to NYC every day, unearthing the best spots and things-to-do can be a tricky business. So, we’ve put together a short to-do list for you to try your hand at living them up in the Big Apple.

1. Find Comfort in Central Park

Central Park offers a colorful and free experience that you cannot get anywhere else in the city. With gorgeous views of the city, winding paths, and a small lake at its heart, Central Park is the best place for someone on a short trip to relax, see some interesting sights, and enjoy nature. Allow yourself an afternoon to just take a stroll and enjoy the sights.

2. Go to The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met is made up of different galleries, all housing different collections from all over the world. The Met can become addictive; from pre-Columbian art to Impressionist masterpieces, it’s impossible to see everything in just one visit.

3. Take A Shopping Trip to Times Square

Times Square is one of the most exciting places for shopping in New York City. Despite all the traffic and chaos, it’s still easy to lose yourself in the energy of Times Square. The flashing lights, neon signs, and clothing racks are perfect for people who want to shop ’til they drop!

4. Enjoy A Show at Broadway

Broadway is the main theater district in New York City. Home to famous shows like Chicago, The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, and more, Broadway is a must-visit for anyone looking to see a show while they’re in town.

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