New England bed and breakfast

A number of people are fond of making advance bookings in hotels before travelling, this seems like the ideal thing to do. This will work for a number of countries around the world, but there are a few exceptions. One of the exceptions to that rule is new England; a hotel will not quite cut the bill for you. This is not because of the state of your bank account, it is more of the cultural significance that you are more likely to gain from a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel.
If you are ever in New England, your best bet is to take up residence in a bed and breakfast in Lincoln or a bed and breakfast in Rockport. You need not look so far before you secure a bed and breakfast in New England, it will even put you closer to the hospitality culture of the people and the fantastic English country side. Now, which English bed and breakfast would you lodge in when next you visit:

Topia inn

If you are big on keeping a tight grasp on the carbon emission of the bed and breakfast you are staying at, then the topia inn is just the location for you. With its own chemical-free bath and solar powered interior, the bed and breakfast is a proof that going green doesn’t mean you must scrape out all comfort.

Stone hill inn

If you are in New England on a trip to rediscover your romance, the perfect bed and breakfast for you is the stone hill inn. The inside is crisp with Jacuzzi, it beats your usual bed and breakfast and the world outside is equally romantic. With acres of rolling hill side, the scenery changes dramatically as the day goes by. If you are even picky about pillows, you can find just the right one for you in the bed and breakfast pillow library.

The inn at Kent falls

The inn at Kent falls is listed in the national register of historical places, but it is something out of a classical textbook. This is because it offers modern amenities, you can also customize your experience at the bed and breakfast. From Pilates session or yoga to foliage viewing sessions at the height of the growing season.

Pitcher inn

Visiting Lincoln? One bed and breakfast that you must never miss in Lincoln is the pitcher inn. It is everything you are looking for in a bed and breakfast; cozy rooms, fantastic concierge and stomach-rousing meal. Your breakfast is included as part of the room cost but if you arrive early in the afternoon, you may want to try a local brew or pack up on hamburgers.

Moosehead lake

Moosehead is a summer camping for adults, it is even way better. So if you have ever beaten yourself up over not been there enough for your children during their summer camping, you may want to visit this fantastic bed and breakfast.

Bed and breakfast in new England are the real deal, don’t miss out on them. Book Now.

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