Berlin travel

The coming year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and city’s jam-packed cultural calendar reflects its post-reunification renaissance. Exhibits and performances celebrating 100 years of the city’s pioneering Bauhaus architectural movement will roll out all year, starting in January with a ramped-up opening festival at the Akademie der Kunste, which will include lectures, dance and theatrical performances, and concerts — and, this being one of Europe’s capitals of nightlife, a pop-up nightclub featuring DJ sets and the presentation of a Bauhaus manifesto for the 21st century. The party will be bookended by the debut later in the year of the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace. The sprawling complex will include the Ethnological and Asian Art museums, as well as a Berlin Exhibition that explores how the city, now a hub of diversity, interacts with the rest of the world and grapples with issues of cultural appropriation. The year’s biggest surprise, though, may be the emergence of Berlin — a meat and potatoes epicenter, and the only city in the world boasting a museum devoted to the currywurst — as a veg-friendly culinary mecca. The city is now home to more vegetarian restaurants than any other European capital, and Vevolution, a celebration focused on vegan and vegetarian cuisine, will be part of the city’s eat! Berlin festival in February, a culinary blowout slated to draw world-renowned chefs like Slovenia’s Ana Roš and Austria’s Heinz Reitbauer. There is a myriad of exotic hotels, resorts and vacation rentals that fit your taste no matter who you are. Pack your bags, Berlin is the place to be. —Raphael Kadushin