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Ibis Connect offers fun free things to do in Orlando. If you’ve never been to Orlando in your lifetime, trust us, you need to get there. After all, the best way to find out if a city is worth visiting is by spending some time there. Besides, when the talk is about “The City Beautiful” itself, words aren’t enough to elicit the excitement.

From espousing 100+ lakes to advocating the world’s most renowned theme parks, the city constitutes a mix of everything — everything to get you inspired. We highlight fun things to do in Orlando.

Here’s our shortlist of unique things to do in Orlando:

1. It’s Entertaining

Home to incredible Theme Parks and Attractions, Orlando draws millions of visitors every year. Some of these include Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld, amongst others. Not to forget that these theme parks are stretched across 1000s of acres and put on display some of the most magnificent attractions (Animal kingdom, Magic kingdom, Hollywood studios) you could ever come across.

2. It’s Affordable

The best thing about Orlando is that it is one of the most affordable cities in the entire country, both for travel and being a resident. In fact, AreaVibes’s analysis reveals that Orlando is more affordable than Florida, overall. From accommodation at hotels and resorts to the idea of food and entertainment, the overall cost of living and enjoying is downright reasonable.

3. It’s Beautiful

Orlando houses several lakes and springs, which are major tourist destinations. Lake Eola, for instance, is one of Orlando’s most famous lakes and has become a popular meeting place for residents and tourists alike. Further, the city boasts vast green spaces coupled with several historic sites and rebuilt landmarks that give it a real sense of history. Highlighting things to do in Orlando for free.

All-in-all, Orlando is hard to miss. There’s way too much fun in this city to overlook it. In addition, it’s a beautiful place which makes the trip all the more worthwhile. 

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