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London Bridge

Based on years of histories read, movies are seen, and tales listened to, Europe has become a destination for most of the couples, either for a honeymoon, a getaway packages, and family holiday. Many have had it in mind to visit Europe, and they wish this dream of theirs will turn to reality soon. If you are one of them, and you desire to experience the love and enjoyment Europe has to offer. Here are 10 places you can visit in Europe, and their side attractions.

  1. PARIS

‘The city of lovers’ as I like to call it has always been a place for most couples to travel to. If you intend to visit Paris, you might be thinking the only side attraction is the Eiffel Tower, but you are mistaken. Other places to visit include; The Louvre Museum, The Tuileries Garden, The Notre Dame Cathedral, and so many more museums.

  • ROME

The city has its story based on Christianity and history, it was once a city that had its empire all across the whole of Europe. Imagine the power it had then, which means it is a place with so many heritage. It is not even possible to view the whole side attractions in a day or month. Here are some of them; National Roman Museum, Piazza del Popolo, Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican Museums, and many more.


Filled with so many side attractions with the idea of nowhere to start from. Maybe you can start from the most popular church, St. Mark’s Basilica, move to the largest square, which is the St. Mark’s Square. Other places include; Canale Grande and Peggy Guggenheim Collection amongst many other monumental points.


The most popular city in the United Kingdom, swimming with lots of British history and heritage. It is also known to be among one the most expensive cities in the world. Known for its array of luxurious hotels and shops. Your first place of the visit should be the Museum of London, then move to see historical pictures at the National Gallery, London. The Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace will tell you royal tales. You can then have a walk on the Tower Bridge, and have a nice time at Hyde Park.


This is one of the most popular places for tourists. Why is this so? It has everything a traveler would want, from nice weather conditions, beaches, mountains, and delicious local dishes. Do not miss out on the following places; Barcelona Cathedral, Museu Picasso, and Camp Nou for lovers of football.


Given the name “city of a thousand spires” because of the amazing views of high towers and dome structures of churches and castles in the city. Known for the amazing architectural designs, glance at every spot is the one you will always remember. Some of the monumental buildings are; Prague Castle, The National Museum, The Clementinum, and the National Library.


The capital of Austria is known for its beautiful old architecture, coffee houses with their pastries and cakes. Whether your visit is for a day or month, be sure that you are covered for places to visit. Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Prater Park and the Giant Ferris Wheel, and so many more.


The capital of the Netherlands has lots of museums, theatres, and enjoyment venues. Some of which include; The Rijksmuseum, The Anne Frank Museum, The Royal Palace, Butterfly at Natura Artis Magistra, The Jewish Historical Museum, The Amsterdam Museum and many more museums like that.


The Capital of Hungary is also called ‘Paris of the East’ among some other cities like that. It is known for the thermal springs which have been used for therapeutic benefits for years. Places to visit in Budapest include some architectural monumental sites; Parliament Buildings and Crown Jewels, Matthias Church (Church of Our Lady), The Museum of Fine Arts, The Hungarian National Museum, and so many other historical places.


Filled with white clean buildings and dome-like churches, this makes it a place soughed after by many. It has recently been a destination for couples who are on a honeymoon, or are seeking to spend time alone. Apart from the white houses, the Greek destination has a lot more to offer. They include; Caldera Cliff Wall, Red Beach at Akrotíri, Church in Pyrgos, and you can create your own lovely experience with your loved ones.